8-10 December 2020

08:30-11:30 GMT /
16:30-19:30 CCT

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About this Conference

Since July 2017, five flagship projects have been working on the development of the next generation of offshore renewable energy.

This was made possible through a combined UK and the People’s Republic of China government effort, funded by National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC), the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council UK (EPSRC), and the Natural Environment Research Council UK (NERC).

We are now approaching the end of our journey, and we would like to engage with the international community, by sharing and discussing our achievements, but also to forge together a vision for the future development of offshore renewable energy.

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Maurizio Collu, on behalf of the five UK-China ORE projects

Programme and Speakers

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Research Funding Bodies

This project is an industrial and educational partnership between the UK and China for the Offshore Renewable Energy Sector. The overall aim of the project is to achieve carbon reduction and to demonstrate the social impact of this.